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High Performance Marine Care

High Performance Marine

Especially for the boat maintenance company there are professional products that can save a lot of time while achieving the very best result.

Brand: Autosol Article: 11053000
Autosol® High Performance Marine Compound removes sanding marks and polishing marks from fiberglass gelcoat surfaces as well as dirt and damage caused by weather, pollution and sun exposure. and gives an absolute high gloss.Autosol® High Performance Marine Compound contains no filler. - Dust free..
Ex Tax:€30.37
Brand: Autosol Article: 11053100
Autosol High Performance Marine Super Gloss Polish has been specially developed to easily remove machine-shaped grinding marks and holograms and damage caused by weather. Autosol® High Performance Marine Super Gloss Polish provides brilliant high gloss and full color. Suitable for all fiberglass, ge..
Ex Tax:€23.10
Brand: Autosol Article: 11053200
High performance Marine Protection Coating seals and protects all varnished and fiberglass gelcoat surfaces against many environmental factors and weather influences. The seal creates a hydrophobic surface that repels rain and sea water. The formation of salt and water stains is minimized. High..
Ex Tax:€28.72
Brand: Autosol Article: 30000430
Extra soft, premium quality thick foam polishing pad with Velcro backing for attachment to your polishing machine. Very suitable for light polishing (minor paint corrections), post-polishing and for example applying a wax layer...
Ex Tax:€9.50
Brand: Autosol Article: 30000450
Very durable thick medium-hard foam polishing pad of premium quality. Price per piece..
Ex Tax:€9.71
Brand: Autosol Article: 30000440
Very durable, hard foam polishing pad of premium quality. Price per piece..
Ex Tax:€9.71
Brand: Autosol Article: 30000420
This polishing pad made of soft lambswool is very suitable for polishing varnish and for applying high-gloss sealer and wax...
Ex Tax:€10.70
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